Top Tips For Camping With Kids: Do’s And Donts

Have you ever camped with kids? If you did not, you might be surprised how challenging it can be. Just think about it – if preparing for an outside-city trip with your friends takes some time, how much time it will take to get ready to travel with your toddlers.

Also, there are so many things to think about before actually going camping…

Father With Child Camping

When it comes to camping with kids, there is certainly a right way to do it and there is a wrong way. We have prepared a quick list of top tips for camping with kids for you.

We will discuss the do’s and don’ts while camping with kids, what to bring for camping with kids and other important points. Be sure that by the end of this article you will be well equipped to go have fun with your little ones!

What To Do Before The Camping Trip With Kids?

Before going camping with your kids, there are some things you can do that will definitely increase your chances of having a good trip. Here are some small tips:

  • Consider practicing camping at home – In case your kids are new to outdoor activities, improvise – pitch a tent in the yard or if not possible, inside your house. Let your kids feel the atmosphere so they become comfortable with a new environment
  • Take notes – make a habit of writing down small reminders for future trips. In addition, make sure to have a check-box list of all the necessary things you want to take with you
  • Take a trial run – it would be a good idea to take your family out to a close park. Just spending half a day at a lakeshore or some park would be a good start. Also, you can see how your kids react to the experience

Top Tips For Camping With Kids: Do’s

Let’s see what you can do before going on camping with kids:

Do: Pre-pack In Advance

While packing for yourself might seem more or less easy, packing for your little one(s) can appear as a hard task. Make sure to check all of the boxes in the prepared list of things you need to take with you before leaving the house for a trip.

Boy And Girl Packed

Here are some of the basics you will need aside from the obvious ones like tents, camping chairs, and food/food accessories:

  • Warm clothing
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellant
  • All necessary medicaments
  • Maps, area information
  • Paper towels
  • Some blankets
  • Toys
  • First-aid kit
  • Toiletries

Do: Teach Them The Basics

Your kids need to be thoroughly prepared to approach the outdoors. You need to teach them stuff like setting up a tent and the campfire protocols. One of the key things to teach your kids is what to do in case they get lost – make sure your kids have a whistle and their own light.

Simple safety norms should be explained to every kid before going on the trip.

Do: Get To Your Kids Level

Did you know that kids are natural outdoor enthusiasts? They are always active and they enjoy digging up bugs, throwing rocks on water, discovering new animals, and just exploring the outside world.

Your task here is to support their intentions and boost their will to explore the amazingly interesting things outdoors. In case your kid is excited to peel the bark of the dead wood or to look for millipedes, do not cut short this intention – he/she is getting to know valuable things.

Do: Show Kids Outdoor Survival Skills

Statistics don’t lie – 74% of US citizens have tried at least one new activity when camping. Most of these activities involved something they were previously afraid to do.

Girl Starting Fire On Camping

There is no necessity to do something crazy with your kids, however, camping with kids provides you with a great opportunity to teach them some outdoor survival skills.

You can introduce your kids to activities like building a fire, hiking, or identifying plants – all these will be fun and useful at the same time!

Do: Be Prepared To Address Boredom

You will need to have some kind of program draft/structure just in case. Have a couple game ideas in your mind before going on the trip. You might need to take initiative and introduce your kids to some games like Frisbee golf and geocaching. Bear in mind, having a pack of cards and some comic books might come in handy, too.

Moreover, nobody can resist good ol’ classic campfire stories, so prepare some of those, as well.

Do: Have Fun!

This is the ultimate goal of camping – just enjoy the time with your kids and make sure to make a lot of memories that you will be remembering for a long time!

Top Tips For Camping With Kids: Don’ts

And here are the thing you shouldn’t do before going on camping with kids:

Don’t: Expect Too Much From The Trip

Take into consideration the physical and emotional levels of preparedness of your kid – the hike that may be fun for you, can be a ‘misery march’ for your kid. Kids can get tired.

Mother And Daughter Talking

Another great activity to leave behind until your kids are a little older is fishing – not all kids are excited to sit still in the silence waiting for that fish to come.

Don’t: Overcomplicate Things

You might think that bringing a myriad of electronic devices for entertaining purposes is a good idea, while we suggest leaving all the gadgets at home. Take just the necessary ones – phones and portable chargers.

Try making your kid’s first camping experience fun without the help of those tablets.

Don’t: Be A Party-Pooper

Some parents tend to fill every moment of the trip with life lessons and character-building exertions of all kinds. If things go smooth and your kids enjoy the trip – do not become a drill sergeant.

Happy camping!